News From The Principal

It was a pleasure to meet many of our College families last week during our Community celebration event. Thank you to those who attended and to the students, staff and families who assisted during the evening.

Last week I also had the pleasure of interviewing some of our Grade 10 students, as part of the Personal Project process. As students are nearing completion of the projects, they are developing a deeper awareness of the value of undertaking an extended, self-directed learning experience. Many of them are experiencing a sense of pride and accomplishment as they see their final product come together.

When asked what advice they would give to Grade 9 as they look towards their own experience of the project, there were many practical suggestions such as starting early and managing time effectively. A number of students also suggested the importance of using the process to pursue an area that is meaningful to them and to set themselves an ambitious goal.

The Foundation for Young Australians is an organisation that aims to foster the development of young Australian leaders through support for social enterprise initiatives. They have released several research reports that consider the skills, training and capabilities young people will need as they enter the workforce over the next decade. Overwhelming, they identify competencies such as problem solving, flexibility, discernment, critical thinking, interpersonal skills and self-management will be essential within the future workplace. Their report on what they refer to as the ‘new work smarts’ is the importance of understanding how skills developed through one experience can be transferred to many different occupations.

Their reports identify the importance of students having opportunities to develop such capabilities as part of the school experience. The Personal Project is an example of such an experience. It is a chance for students to learn to set goals, manage their own learning, identify mentors and resources that help them achieve their goal, to work through challenges and critically evaluate both their progress and the final product.

From 26-30 September we are hosting an Open Week. This will include daily tours, a Kinder taster session and an information evening for Year 6 students and parents about making the transition to High School.

We warmly invite you to sign up for any of events that are relevant to you or your children and ask you to extend this invitation to friends or neighbours who may be looking at possible enrolment in 2023.

Jodie Bennett