eCommunity Update 31st March 2020

31st March 2020
Dear SCC students, parents and carers,

I am writing to inform you that SCC will continue with our eCommunity online program, with students, teachers and aides connecting remotely at least until the end of Term 1. Therefore, Thursday April 9th will be our last eCommunity day this term. As mentioned in our video communication to you over the weekend, we are so grateful for the many pieces of positive feedback that we have received.

I want to especially thank those parents who have reached out to us with concerns and problems, be they technical or otherwise. We are seeking to respond to each of these promptly. In solving a problem for one student or family, often we are solving this same issue for many students and families.

Please remember that we are all new at this – both school and home. Due to feedback we have received we are moderating the amount of work required across the school and seeking to better understand and respond to reasonable expectations for students’ workflow and life balance from this new context of remote, home based, communication and eLearning. We know that we can’t just mirror school life, but we are also convinced that, through new and creative ways, learning and relationships can be enriching and valuable during this time. We are discovering some things that are so good that we will carry them on once onsite schooling is re-established.

All levels of the education fraternity are aware of the implications of this unprecedented time. At this stage, I simply want to assure our Diploma students, particularly our year 12 students, that both the IBO and the University of Tasmania are very understanding of the difficulties this pandemic has produced for students and are committed to a caring and supportive process of examinations, assessment and University entrance for 2020 year 12 students.

We want to remind all of our community members to take seriously the health and physical distancing measures in place. We encourage all parents and students, for the good of the whole community, to diligently respect and obey all instructions provided to us by government and health authorities.

Please, if you are struggling with anything, contact us.

Alan Lawson Principal


School Fee Support

The College recognises that as a result of COVID-19 some members of our College community are facing difficult challenges at the moment, and for many finances are of particular concern.

We are continually assessing the situation and are working with families to assist and support them through this time. Please email the Business Manager or Finance Officer at or phone the office to discuss your situation.