When preparing written work for assessment tasks, students will inevitably use or refer to the work of others. This may include the use of another’s ideas or a direct quotation from their writing or work. In the case of primary source material, you will often need to quote directly from the original source or a reprint of that source. In all of these cases, you must reference the source of your information through the use of the ‘Oxford’ Referencing System (also referred to as the Footnote / Bibliography Referencing System).

The College has prepared a guide for students to the referencing expectations at Southern Christian College.  A copy of the Referencing Guidelines is available for download.  The  guide explains how to prepare your footnotes and the technical process for including footnotes when using word processing software. If you have any doubt as to whether you should provide a reference, include it. It is preferable that you err on the side of caution rather than risk plagiarising another’s work. You may refer any task-specific referencing queries to the teacher setting the task.

If you require further detail regarding the College’s approach to assessment and academic honesty, contact the office for access to the relevant policy documents.