As you inquire more about our College, we hope you will discover what makes Southern Christian College so special, and why our College has been able to enrich the lives of thousands of young people since we first opened in 1986. At SCC we provide an affordable education for young people who desire to lay the foundations for successful lives.

At Southern Christian College we are firm believers in our core values of Faith, Love, Courage, Generosity and Compassion:


  • We Honour Christ in all that we do

We value the honouring and centrality of Christ in every aspect of our daily lives and we strive to act with integrity in all situations.


  • Love is the foundation

We value love as the motivating force that seeks to do what is best for others, whilst simultaneously emphasising the importance of speaking the truth in love.


  • Keep on trying as you grow

We value courage as the strength to act in ways consistent with Christian values, and we believe in perseverance and appropriate risk taking, seeing things through to completion especially when it’s difficult.


  • Giving out of gratefulness

We value generosity as a way of reflecting God’s unconditional love towards us and seek to express thankfulness for all the good things that God continues to generously give.


  • Care for others

We value compassion as the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and to feel what they experience.

Our aim at Southern Christian College is to train our students to be distinctly Christian in their outlook and well-prepared to take their place in the world. We do this through a whole-child philosophy that aims to develop each student’s academic potential, while cultivating their spiritual, social, emotional, and physical growth.

At Southern Christian College we seek staff who are committed to honouring God through their gifts and talents, and who have a passion to help young people succeed. Our aim is to complement the role of parents by providing a school environment that is safe, encouraging and inspires excellence.

If you are looking for a school that is going to work in partnership and support you to help shape your child into a caring, responsible citizen, understanding that they are made in the image of Creator God and therefore show respect and place value on all people, then Southern Christian College is the school for you and your family. SCC caters for a wide range of learners with specialist teachers from Early Childhood through to Year 11/12.

At SCC we want to work with parents and value good communication between home and school, recognising that educating a child is a team effort.