It is an honour to be the Principal of Southern Christian College, a school community with a genuine commitment to the holistic development of young people through rich, engaging and future-focused learning experiences.  

Central to this is the importance of establishing firm foundations for students through a Christ-centred education. It is a special privilege to share with children and young people the message that the Creator of all loves us so dearly that He sent His Son to ensure we could each experience a renewed relationship with Him. 

We recognise the value of providing students with a balanced education, that supports excellence in subject-specific knowledge and skills while also fostering student awareness of themselves as a learner, their personal strengths and how they can learn most effectively. These principles are embedded throughout academic programs, extra-curricular activities, service and leadership programs.  

A defining quality of Southern Christian College is the culture of care that underpins relationships among students, staff and families. We are especially committed to working in close partnership with families to help young people develop lifelong, adaptable and resourceful learners who are ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of growing up in the twenty-first century.  

We welcome you to contact us to learn more about the College.  


Mrs Jodie Bennett