Further information on eligibility and payment rates of ABSTUDY is available on the Department of Human Services website, or by calling the Department of Human Services, ABSTUDY Students and Trainees area, on 1800 132 317


Bursary Assistance

It is the aim of Southern Christian College to make Christian Education accessible.

Our College community consists of families seeking quality Christian schooling. Families commit to support the College:

  • Educationally: being an active partner in the education of their children.
  • Financially: the timely payment of fees and levies.
  • Socially: helping build up our College community for the benefit of our children and young people, by speaking positively and helping out occasionally as time permits.
  • Prayerfully: positively praying for your children, class, teachers and school.

An application for Bursary assistance should only be made when all other financial options have been carefully considered. Southern Christian College allows for a remission on school fees based on particular family circumstances.

There is no examination for bursaries but families will be expected to make available a range of financial information to allow assessment of their application. Applications are assessed by the Business Manager and all details are held in confidence.

Please email accounts@scc.tas.edu.au for a Bursary Application Form.