The Southern Christian College Doulos student leadership group initially grew from a student and staff response to a visit to the MV Doulos mission ship.  Doulos can be translated as ‘servant’ and this word emphasised the students’ desire to develop a form and style of leadership that focussed on servanthood.

Membership and Role
The Doulos Committee is based on student applications.  There is a senior (secondary) Doulos and junior (primary) Doulos.  Their primary role is to provide a forum for student leadership within the College.  Students gain an understanding of meeting procedure and receive support and mentoring in the organisation and management of events, including fundraising events.  The Committee selects their own funding goals and these have, in the past, included: Fusion International, support for rural communities in Indonesia, World Vision, Walk for Water, as well as school focusses such as: 5/6 Canberra trip, seating for secondaries, sporting equipment and general resources.