Student progress and achievement in the Middle Years Programme is measured by assessment criteria in each subject area.  Descriptions are provided, these are useful in identifying the level at which a student is performing and the specific strands that teachers are looking for when assessing students.

At SCC, assessment is the criterion-referenced observation and reporting of learners’ levels of understanding and performance.  It actively involves

  1. Students in learning through performance and reflection;
  2. Teachers in analysing the effectiveness of their teaching, identifying the strengths and needs of students, planning ongoing learning, and communicating with students, parents and the school;
  3. Parents in reflecting on, supporting and celebrating their child’s learning;
  4. The College in evaluating and communicating the effectiveness of the College’s programmes.  (Southern Christian College Assessment Policy, 2012)

Assessment rubrics for each subject area are provided under the links on these links.  For more information or questions regarding the specific application of criterion-based assessment, please contact the College.