For over 10 years, Southern Christian College has been offering students of ages 14 and up, the opportunity to attain an internationally recognised award through the College. Over that time many students have gained Bronze Awards and a few have gone onto achieve Silver Awards, presented each year at Government House by the Governor of Tasmania or a visiting member of the Royal Family.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme was established in the 1950s and is a programme designed for young people aged 14-25. It provides recognition for those who are keen to set themselves challenges and build their skills. Southern Christian College is a Registered Operating Group (ROG) and can therefore provide the opportunity for secondary students to attain bronze, silver and gold awards under the Scheme. Activities are generally undertaken outside school hours, however the school has the responsibility of monitoring the progress of those students participating in the Scheme and we generally organise group expeditions. Students undertaking the programme “have the opportunity to reach goals and develop skills such as goal setting, teamwork, decision making and leadership.”

To attain an award at each level, students must complete requirements in four areas covering service, physical recreation, skills and an expedition. One of the real strengths of this scheme is that it may provide recognition for what our young people are already doing in their local communities. For example, many already contribute to church Sunday School or youth programmes and a certain number of hours spent in this type of service will make up the student’s service component of the award. Other students may already be developing their skills in areas such as music or languages outside school hours and a certain number of hours spent on these types of activities will make up the student’s skills component of the award.

Apart from an annual administration fee, the Award office charges nothing else for students’ involvement. Brochures and enrolment forms have been provided to a number of secondary students and they can commence as soon as they have signed up. If you would like to know more about the Award and how it can benefit your son or daughter, please contact me.
Mr. Ambrose (Award Co-ordinator)